The Arab region is currently facing a crisis of learning. According to the Brookings Institution, about 8.5 million children and young people across the region are not in school. And of those who attend, around half do not meet basic learning levels, and leave school without the ability to read or write fluently or perform basic numeracy functions.

Yet Arab governments and citizens increasingly recognize the need for a good education to achieve development, prosperity, and peace, especially after the Arab Spring revolutions and the hope for a better future that they brought with them. 

My passion for providing language services in the educational field stems from the social responsibility I feel, and my own commitment to ensuring that greater provision is made to strengthen education, improve its quality and protect its human capital, especially in the Arab region where most countries are lagging behind in terms of quality education.

Projects I have recently taken on included interpreting for a large group of experts from the Saudi Ministry of Education on early education, translating the website of The Alexandria Trust into Arabic, editing higher education news stories for Al-Fanar Media, and interpreting for Arabic-speaking families at school meetings and events. 

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